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Advantis Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that provides members with superior rates, lower fees, and value-added services like a competitive 12-month Certificate of Deposit with a 5.00% APY.

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Advantis Credit Debt – Can You Stop Them?

What is Advantis?

Advantis is much more than just a financial co-op. As a not-for-profit organization, its main goal is to prioritize the financial success of its members over generating profit for stockholders. Advantis achieves this by offering free services, lower fees, and better rates. The financial cooperative is popular for its lucrative banking products such as the 12-month Certificate of Deposit which yields an impressive 5.00% APY. Members also have access to a variety of credit card options that come with competitive APR rates and cashback rewards.

This financial institution also organizes events and workshops to educate and equip its members with knowledge and support in financial matters. In addition, Advantis is a proactive member of the community and frequently sponsors initiatives like the AIDS Walk Northwest as part of its community service.

Key Benefits of Advantis

  • **Member-First Approach:** At Advantis, members are the top priority. The financial cooperative operates with the aim of delivering value to its members through an array of financial services.
  • **Competitive Rates:** Advantis offers a 12-month Certificate of Deposit with a high 5.00% APY. This is significantly higher compared to the industry standard and an optimal choice for members looking to grow their savings.
  • **Educational Workshops:** Advantis carries out regular workshops for members to educate and provide support. This helps members make well-informed financial decisions.
  • **Community Involvement:** Advantis contributes to the local community by sponsoring various initiatives like the AIDS Walk Northwest. This shows the organization’s commitment not only to its members but the community at large.

Advantis Features

  • **High-Rate CDs:** The 12-month Certificate of Deposit with a competitive 5.00% APY is one of the standout features of Advantis. It allows members to grow their savings substantially within a short period.
  • **Flexible Credit Card Options:** Members have access to several credit card options that come with low APR rates and cashback rewards.
  • **Events and Workshops:** Advantis conducts various events and workshops with the aim of educating and supporting its members.
  • **Community Initiatives:** Advantis takes the initiative of contributing to the community by sponsoring events like the AIDS Walk Northwest.

Advantis Use Cases

  • **Long-Term Savings:** The high-rate CD offered by Advantis makes it an excellent choice for those aiming for long-term savings goals.
  • **First-Time Homebuyers:** Advantis hosts workshops which are beneficial for first-time home buyers providing them the necessary knowledge and support.
  • **Secure Credit Options:** For individuals seeking credit card options with competitive APR rates and cashback rewards, Advantis delivers many suitable options.

Advantis Typical Users

  • **Savers:** People who are looking to grow their savings can benefit from the attractive 5.00% APY on the 12-month CD offered by Advantis.
  • **Credit Card Users:** Those seeking credit cards with competitive APR rates and cashback rewards, can avail of the varied options provided by Advantis.
  • **First-time Homebuyers:** These individuals can take advantage of the workshops hosted by Advantis to learn and prepare for a major financial decision.


Related Questions

Who is the proprietor of Advantis Credit Union?

Advantis Credit Union is owned locally by its members, a community-focused financial institution since its establishment in 1928. This means, when you open an account with us, you aren't just a customer; you become a part-owner. Being a local, member-owned organization allows Advantis to deeply understand and cater to the unique needs of the surrounding communities in Portland.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit at Advantis Credit Union?

As a member of Advantis, you are granted the privilege to withdraw up to $500 from your available funds at our ATMs each day. Moreover, you are entitled to use our ATMs completely free of charge. We understand that you may have to use other ATMs at times, so we offer five free transactions per month at non-Advantis ATMs. Please note that after the fifth transaction, a fee of $1.00 will be applied for the rest of that month. Our aim is to allow our members the flexibility they need to access their funds from virtually anywhere.

Does insurance cover Advantis Credit Union?

While you might be accustomed to hearing about the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance at banks, credit unions like Advantis have a similar kind of protection through the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). NCUA insurance is a federal insurance that provides credit union members with the same level of protection for their deposits as the FDIC does for bank customers.

Is there a grace period offered by Advantis?

Advantis Credit Union's policies are created with our members in mind, which is why we establish a grace period in our payment terms. We ensure that you have a minimum of 25 days after each billing cycle to make your payment. If you are able to pay the full amount of the New Balance within this grace period, you can avoid incurring any Interest Charge on your purchases for that billing period. This feature provides members additional flexibility in managing their finances and helps to prevent them from accruing unnecessary interest charges.

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